Friday, May 04, 2007

Exercise In The Office

We have a few printers in the office and they are situated away from people's workstations. There is a good reason for this and that is so that you get some exercise during the day instead of sitting down all day. I have to file what I do in electronic format and printed format therefore I visit the printer quite often. Plus, it's also a scanner so I can turn printed format into electronic.

Yesterday I decided to do a little experiment. I counted how many steps to the printer that I regularly use and how many time I visited it. The distance is 29-30 steps, let's say 25m, and I went to the printer a total of 29 times. That was like a fairly typical day so I'm looking at doing about a kilometre and a half of walking each day during my time in the office. And that's only to that printer. It's much further to visit the other printers and there are other people that I have to see.

And let's not forget that when I hear biscuits being emptied into the biscuit barrels I shouldn't feel guilty about the fattening effect of eating said biscuits because I have to walk there, and back, to get them to eat. Twice a day mind you.

Now I'm rather glad that I don't go for my morning walk to the post office. I've got too much walking to do at work.

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