Sunday, November 17, 2013

Korea Holiday 2013 - Day Nine

Bit of a late start after yesterday discovering that breakfast isn't served in this area until 10:30 as it is more of a nightlife area. Found a quite nice little restaurant. It was just on 10:20 when some Japanese came in and grabbed some beer with their breakfast - the owner spoke to them in Japanese. We also looked around for some late lunch/early dinner but I wasn't expecting to be back too early.

The missus went off to go shopping for the day. The Boy and I went to Jungang Station to buy a one day pass for W4,000 each. A kind, elderly gentleman showed me how to use the bill exchanger otherwise I would have lost my change. Took the subway to Busan Station then grabbed bus no. 184, on which our one day pass didn't work, to the UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea. Missed the stop and got off a couple of stops later. No biggie.

Nice breakfast and The Boy was served extra because he looked skinny
UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea

The cemetery is well maintained. I would like to have seen more stories about the individual soldiers who are buried there as the stories that were told were very interesting. High quality "tourist" attraction. A couple of oldies paying their respects really wanted to speak to The Boy.

Outside I asked a couple of young guys where the Kyoungsung Uni was and was told that it was too far to walk. Catch a no. 51 bus and go three stops. Before heading off we had lunch at a kimbap (sushi) shop. At least the menu isn't difficult to read and you know what you are getting. Duly caught the bus and proceeded to go way past our stop even though I tried pushing the button to alert the driver that I wanted to stop. Should've walked from the start.

Took the subway from Daeyeon Station to Geumgok Station, as instructed by my guide book. We were headed for Geumjeongsanseong Fortress. Couldn't see any obvious signs for this tourist attraction. A lady walking by on the main road said that we needed to walk to the next station (one back). Tried asking an old guy, who didn't want to try to understand me even though I spoke to him in Korean, so I just grabbed a taxi. The ride took nearly 20 minutes, went back three stations and nearly 15 minutes of the drive was uphill. Cost was W8,000. A 40 minutes walk from the subway station - my arse. Stupid guide book.
Not as impressive as I had hoped but impressive just the same
Reasonably rugged climbing
The East Gate

We did 30-40 minutes of hiking and found the East Gate. Fairly humid so it was tough going. Caught a bus at the mountain pass, no. 203, which cost W3,500 (more than a regular bus and once again not using our day pass), to the bottom as I noticed that it went to a subway station. Got there just as the next train arrived and were only 10 minutes later arriving back at the hotel than planned.

The Missus and MJ went to the opera - something they had planned a long time ago. The Boy and I watched the movie Shooter then went out for a dinner of pizza. I grabbed my camera and went up Yongdusan Tower. Took a few photos. Just as I was going to head down they turned the lights outside the observation deck and so photos were much easier to take. Only W4,000 for the view. Few nice shots of the tower and Yongdusan Park as well.
Granite peaks
Pizza wasn't bad
Yongdusan Park
View from Yongdusan Tower

Statue of Yi Sun-sin

Notice the homeless guy having a sleep?

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