Sunday, November 10, 2013

Korea Holiday 2013 - Day Six

Morning view from the hotel room

Felt like a later start to the day but the missus and I went for a walk around the hotel grounds around 8am. Got slightly wet and told that we couldn't walk on the golf course. Had breakfast which included chicken meat but it wasn't anything special although it made a pretty spread. Don't think that they were too happy to serve us for some reason. Think the staff, family members, had some sort of disagreement.
Breakfast - not a bad spread

Back to the hotel and we prepared for the walk to Bulguksa (Bulguk Templer) which was some 500m away. In part, that was the reason we chose to stay at the Kolon Hotel. Waited nearly 20 minutes in the lobby for sister-in-law to prepare herself after we were all ready.

Just a short walk up the hill to Bulguksa. Most important thing was to buy the coffee - at least that's what the women thought. Wandered about at our leisure. The Love Tree, two intertwined trees, wasn't spectacular, merely interesting. I walked back to the hotel to collect the car so that we could go to Seokguram Grotto.
Bulguksa - Historic and Scenic Site No. 1
Fabulous structure
Dabotap (pagoda) - Seokgatap was undergoing repair
Towards the rear of the temple
The Boy loved to build for good luck
Very regal - It was built in 751 and has been designated as National Treasure No. 20
Outer structures of Bulguk Temple
Love the artwork on the eaves
Could do with a lick of paint
Pond at Bulguksa
After pulling up at the car park S-I-L wanted to use the toilet and got a bit left behind. She had to catch up. Pleasant walk, inspiring sight. No photos allowed inside the grotto. Stopped for a drink afterwards. S-I-L had a tile made with her name on it for good luck - we weren't interested.
Surprisingly resilient tree near Seokguram Grotto
Some festival coming up - Buddha's birthday?
Bell Pavilion out the front of Seokguram Grotto

In to town to visit Lotteria for lunch, I had a Hanwoo Bulgogi burger set, before shopping at Home Plus. A little bit of Konglish on display but generally the English signs are accurate. S-I-L bought a watch for The Boy as a present. Dropped them off at the hotel before driving to Cheomseongdae - it took me a frustrating 10 minutes to program the GPS before I left the hotel. It's certainly a magnificent sight. Also walked through Gyerim - an ancient forest. Bit weird that late at night.
Royal burial tomb - part of Tumuli Park
Cheomseongdae - National Treasure No. 31
It's well lit up

Asked one guy, in Korean, about taking a photo. He didn't understand immediately and I discovered shortly afterwards when he spoke to his family that he was Chinese. Doh!
Found someone who could take a half decent photo
Majestic structure
Gyerim Forest
It's lit up so well I took this at x32 zoom with no tripod on my $100 compact digital camera
Cheomseongdae from Gyerim Forest
Trying to be artistic

Love this city. So full of history. Great display of zodiac animals and the like - looks like something special being celebrated tomorrow. Uneventful drive back to the hotel to collect everyone for dinner - galbi. Each 100g slice of meat cost W22,000 ($22!!) The whole meal for five people cost W180,000. And I wasn't even full.
The following are items on display relating to Korean culture and animals of the zodiac
The royal tomb, one of 40 in the city, looks even more majestic at night
Mozzie that joined us at dinner - almost big enough to cook and eat

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