Saturday, November 09, 2013

Korean Holiday 2013 - Day Four

Raining, still. At least they've changed the song in the lobby. Two days straight of "Happiest Girl in the USA" would be grounds for justifiable homicide. First stop was Hwaamsa (Hwaam Temple). Nice little temple with Rice Rock overlooking it. Legend has it that when the crops failed the rock produced some rice for the people. Obviously didn't have mental asylums back then to lock people up. Lovely river and waterfalls around the temple and great rock decorations. Some soldiers came to pray.

Rain pouring off the roof

Temple and pagoda

Rice Rock covered by cloud

Rice Rock in the background

Fabulous decoration

Inside the temple at Hwaam

Now there is an enlightening-style table setting

River in the area

Rice Rock makes an appearance

The Boy likes to build the rock pagodas for good luck

I'm pretty sure the guy on the right is the boss

Rice Rock finally reveals itself

Gazebo holding the bell



Back into town to the harbour area, after driving around Yeongnangho Lake, to try ozinga (cuttlefish) tempura and 10 small prawns with a free sweet potato slice. The meal was delicious and cooked very quickly, customer numbers were low, and we were treated nicely. The Boy had a mild reaction to the food so I wonder if there was some form of nut in the cooking oil or filling. Had almost run out of cash, only just had enough for lunch, and there was an ATM available but it wouldn't take my overseas card. Spent some time searching for a bank and the only one in the area didn't do foreign exchange.

An unusual ATM
The shop where we had cuttlefish, prawns and sweet potato tempura
Halmoni (grandma) hard a work

Prawn tempura
Cuttlefish - spicy but decidedly delicious

Spent ages driving around town looking for a decent parking spot but all the areas near the bank required downtown were filled. The car park that we decided to use actually photographed your licence plates from four different angles as you entered and there was no need to obtain a parking ticket. Spent some time in the fish market. You can buy almost anything and it is very fresh. Had some dumplings and pajeon (pancake). The missus bought some sashimi mix and I wanted to get some dried squid - it had something sharp and ripped the skin off the roof of my missus' mouth. Not sure what it was.

Seafood is a staple in this region

Fresh seafood

Dumplings and pancakes being cooked

Entrance to the car park where they photograph the vehicle

Drove to Daepong, missed the turn, backtracked how the GPS told me (wrong way down a one way street) and we found a coffee house to park in. I had a lovely cocoa for W6,000, same cost as the coffee (bit rich for $6) but they did offer a free refill for the coffee, the music was relaxing and we were seated in a rather strange building with it raining outside. Not a bad way to while away the afternoon. Headed ack into town for North Korean-style mandoo.

This guy can take up two lanes if he really wants to - I'm not going to argue

The Coffee House


The Boy had McDonalds for dinner

Can't get your artery-clogging McDonalds fast enough - there's McDelivery for that

Nice artwork near E-Mart

The drive back to the hotel at night time was beautiful as they have the street light poles in multicoloured lights. The missus and I went for a walk later through the lights and to the entrance of Seoraksan National Park.



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