Saturday, November 16, 2013

Korea Holiday 2013 - Day Eight

This morning we wandered around for quite a while searching for something agreeable for breakfast. More difficult than actually necessary. Doenjang guk (Chinese cabbage and soy bean paste soup) was good and only W6,000.

Found out from reception that bus no. 8, and the location to catch it, for Taejongdae for The Boy and myself. The missus had other plans and left us to it. I remember that there was an amusement park when I visited 15 years ago. Took a while to locate the actual place to catch the bus, good thing I could read Korean, as it wasn't marked for the tourist. About 25-30 minutes ride from Lotte Department Store and we were there. The lady at the Info Centre was very helpful and advised us to walk around the island in the opposite direction from the Danubi tram. Good advice, as it turned out, as the most difficult section, i.e. uphill, was first in this case.

Not too many tourists at this end of the island early in the day
Memorial to the Korean War
Busts of famous mariners from Busan
Supposed to be a compass overlooking Mangbuseok
Mangbuseok - Waiting for Husband Rock
Fantastic bit of coastline
Stop waiting as hubby is here
View from above the Taejongdae Lighthouse
Saengdo - Tea Kettle Island
Taejongdae Lighthouse
Shimmering sea through the trees
Panorama of Busan from the lookout
Spot the tourist at South Port View Point
And the city isn't too far away from this spot of tranquility
Trying to be arty

Visited the Memorial to the Korean War, Sinseon Rock, Mangbuseok Rock, had a milkshake at the observation deck and had our photo taken at the South Port View Point. Headed back to the info centre to find out about the amusement park - obviously not in existence anymore.

Back to the hotel to meet up with the missus, had lunch at Lotte Department Store, and went to the observation deck and zoo whilst waiting for MJ to join us. Can't believe the number of animals that they had for the children to enjoy playing with. And the views were quite spectacular too.
Friendly chap - and so is the deer
Close to my all-time favourite toilet sign
Prairie dog? Up here?
Looking north (I reckon)
Must be looking south judging by the sunshine

Caught a taxi to Gamcheon Cultural Village for W4,100. The taxi driver couldn't understand why so many people asked for that destination. Slightly interesting, nice concept. Arty, regenerating. It's a formerly rundown section of town that had a number of abandoned homes and the locals didn't want it to die. So it was renewed and artists spruced the place up and it's quite a tourist attraction now. Try the House of Darkness.
Nicely redecorated
More spot the tourists
Very Beatles-esque
Not a lot of space between buildings
You can even go on top of one of the houses
Great view of Gamcheon

MJ knew of a shabu shabu restaurant and we caught a taxi there next. Fantastic food and only W44,000 for four people. Grabbed coffees and ice cream afterwards. I had trouble explaining that my son's ice cream at Baskin Robbins couldn't have nuts, but I tried. No free wifi at Starbucks unless you had an Olleh account - bit pointless really. One girl fell down the stairs whilst we were there but wasn't overly hurt. The Boy and I caught the subway home early to let the girls talk. Of course I chose the wrong exit and had to go back and then up stairs again. Bit of a walk back to the hotel but at least we know where we are by now.
Overlooking the harbour past Yongdusan Park with the tower in the foreground
Shabu shabu restaurant - Chaeseondang
10 bucks per serving of beef
Aussie beef available at $80/kg!!
Nice spread
Shabu shabu boiling away
The waitress tidied up the remaining rice and soup - wonderful dish
Getting busy on the streets during our taxi ride

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