Friday, September 02, 2011

What's Julia Gillard's New Slogan?

Before the last federal election Julia Gillard had the slogan "Moving Forward". Whenever she was asked a question relating to policy and mistakes made by the Labor Party the answer was always the same - "We're moving forward".

Now that Labor is floundering in the polls and there is some talk from her party that has reached the media, with the possibility that she will be replaced, she doesn't seem to be moving forward anymore. Now she's stated "I'm not going anywhere".

I think this is the point where Gillard has gone as forward as she's going and has stopped just prior to moving backwards. It's as though she hasn't felt the knives in the back yet, perhaps they're still being cleaned after deposing Kevin Rudd, but they are certainly out. I said at the end of last year that she would lose her position before the next election and be replaced by Stephen Smith, the current minister for defence, and he has been very quiet of late. Strange, that.

Let's see how long Gillard runs with her new slogan.


Anonymous said...

She needs to be more open minded to new ideas. Better fund raising ideas would be good too. She could have people go door to door and get to know them better than what she may be doing now. I find that works best for political parties. Maybe she could sell some good chocolate or something. Gill

Hammy said...

Maybe she could do us all a favour and just drop dead.