Friday, September 09, 2011

New Zealand Have No Hope in the IRB 2011 Rugby World Cup

Mark my words - the All Blacks have absolutely no chance of winning the IRB 2011 Rugby World Cup.  Why, I hear you ask? Let me explain.

New Zealand are hosting the World Cup.
New Zealand are the No. 1 ranked team playing rugby union.
New Zealand, being the hosts, have the most favourable fixture.
I picked New Zealand in the sweepstake at work today.

There you have it. No hope for the Kiwis. I was asked to run a sweepstake only three and a half hours before the opening match of the World Cup. I even had to ask when it started as I'm not into rugby too much. The only games I take any interest in are World Cup matches. So, I emailed my colleagues and managed to sell the 20 places in three hours. We like a bet, we do. I had two ladies conduct the draw, and they hadn't joined in and were therefore impartial, but as soon as my name and that of New Zealand was drawn out I knew fingers would be pointed at me.

And that has certainly put the mozz on the Kiwis. Anybody remember the FIFA World Cup sweepstake where I picked Brazil and got nothing?

IRB 2011 Rubgy World Cup Odds

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Anonymous said...

I hope you win Big Mr.!! Good luck!!! Gill