Friday, July 08, 2011

Truckie Blockade Protesting The Carbon Tax

Some sort of debate going on in Australia at the moment regarding the introduction of a carbon tax. Some sort of as the Australian people won't get a vote that seeks their opinion. We have a prime minister who, only days prior to the last election, informed the nation that there would be no carbon tax under her leadership. I guess that it's too early to start believing that there could be such a thing as a politician that can be trusted.

One large issue is the application of the tax with regards to fuel. Apparently the normal consumer won't be paying the carbon tax on petrol. But there is no such luck for the truckies of this nation. They will be expected to pay some six cents per litre extra which will push up prices for everyone and drive down, if you'll pardon the pun, the demand for the services of the trucking industry. Coupled with the suspension of the live cattle trade to Indonesia the truckies have or will be doing it tough. Hence, their drive through the city this morning and blockade of the WA parliament. We thought that 40 to 50 trucks rolled past and the news article below backs up that figure. Quite a sight in the city where you see very few trucks.

News article - Truckies blockade WA parliament


Anonymous said...

I hope they can save the environment for you and your family. That carbon can end up giving people lung cancer. Good luck. Gill

Iris Flavia said...

Yeah, those politicians. Don´t we just love those honest people, har-har?