Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Dinner Is In The Dog

My dinner ended up inside the dog tonight through no fault of my own. The missus and I went shopping last night and she specifically bought barramundi for tonight's meal. I asked her to take The Boy to competition training and I'd go to the normal class afterwards as I had a great deal of work to do.

When I arrived home, five minutes before needing to leave for class, I noticed that the dinner had been cooked and was covered on the table. It looked like I'd woken the dog up as he had a decent stretch when I entered the house. Got changed and took off.

After returning home the missus asked me if I'd eaten any of the food. No, I hadn't. With only five minutes to prepare I certainly wasn't about to eat a meal and had just taken some nuts and biscuits as a snack. It's difficult to train on a full stomach. Hunter, the now in disgrace dog, was in the laundry. He had been told in no uncertain circumstances that he was a bad dog. Turns out he'd eaten the best bits of barramundi and some of the vegetables. So I got a few leftover pieces of fish and some soup as the remaining veggies were thrown in the bin.

The funny thing was that all of the covers on the food where in place. It was as though they hadn't been disturbed.


Bankruptcy Ben said...

My birthday cake ended up in the same location

Iris Flavia said...

You name the dog Hunter and wonder about this? ;-)
Though, maybe, you should add Houdini to his name, too. or Reverse-Houdini.

Hammy said...

@ Ben - sounds bad.
@ Iris - Houdini would have gotten away with it.

Anonymous said...

It was really me. ha ha gotcha!! Gill