Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beautiful Winter Sunrise

Yesterday was an interesting day weather-wise. Dark clouds were looming in the west but the east was bright orange and pink. I didn't take an umbrella as I thought I'd miss any rain and it would be dry by the time I left work. Just after I took the photos below I noticed a rainbow to the west. It began to rain just before the bus arrived at my stop but it wasn't heavy enough to worry anybody. However later in the morning it poured although Perth only received 4.8mm officially. When we went for a lunchtime walk there were ducks in the parkland area wading in water that was lying around. It had been a heavy shower but I need to keep in mind that the land level is only about 1m above the nearby Swan River so drainage isn't great. And it did rain later on the way home. Very contrasting weather.


Iris Flavia said...

Beautiful pics! No more to add to that :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow I love those. Gill