Saturday, July 30, 2011


New term started last week and the first day was a pupil-free day. I took the day off work to be with The Boy. We had lots of shopping to do (my stuff) and then went fishing nearby on the river (The Boy's stuff). It rained the whole time, thankfully only lightly, and we tried a couple of spots. Fishing in the river isn't great fun as there are lots of branches and other submerged items to snag the line on. I swear that I caught enough snags to have a BBQ for all my neighbours. The Boy managed to hook a decent bream and landed it. At least one of us was successful.

After the missus finished work we headed to the movies to see Transformers 3 : Dark of the Moon. Let me tell you something - this is the reason that you watch movies at the cinema. It's loud, full of action, has a hot chick (who can act a bit and better than Megan Fox), includes drama and comedy, has more action, lots of twists and did I mention that it had action? Special effects were fantastic and I'd say this movie craps all over Avatar. We all enjoyed it and have seen all of the Transformers movies at the cinema. I can't imagine watching this at home. The cinema wanted to charge $18/adult but I picked up tickets for $11 each from the RAC (of which I am a member).

We prepared dinner at home and fish was on the menu. And let me tell you - it tasted very nice. Just like a bought one. And I'm not saying that just because I cleaned it and cooked it.

Fantastic day off. Don't mind babysitting occasionally. Only if it's my boy though.


Anonymous said...

Good for you. Enjoy your week. I must see that movie too. Gill

Iris Flavia said...

Yeah. So now I know... it´s you!!!! You send the tallest guy over here to sit in front of me in the cinema, along with the one being noisy with crisps and all. Having in tow the one commenting all the time! Why, thanks a lot! ;-)
I hate cinema, really...
Hehe, just joking, great you had a fun time :-)

honkeie2 said...

I have slowly stopped going to the movies, it is too much money and the movies are slapped together with special effects and tits. Dont get me wrong I love those two things but not at $12 a ticket i dont.
And I really need to get into fishing, I have all the stuff for it i now have to get out and do it!

Hammy said...

We only go to the movies a couple of times per year and they're mainly for movies that you have to see in the cinema as the telly at home doesn't do it justice. Twelve bucks is cheap considering that some people pay $21 to watch a 3D movie and $18 is the norm.