Sunday, September 26, 2010

So, Who Are The Winners From The Drawn 2010 Grand Final?

Following a dramatic draw between St Kilda and Collingwood in the AFL 2010 Grand Final yesterday I'd like to reflect on who the winners and losers might be with that particular outcome and a replay on the cards.

Certainly not Collingwood or St Kilda. Not on the day anyway.
St Kilda's Lenny Hayes for his best-on-ground performance which won him the Norm Smith Medal.
Collingwood and St Kilda players who get to play in another grand final.
Players who missed the grand final but will get a chance to play in the replay. And there will be a couple of them perhaps on each team.
100,000 more spectators who get to witness the 2010 AFL Grand Final.
Caterers, the MCC and all the businesses hosting functions catering to football suppporters.
Hotels and airlines who'll be able to charge ridiculous prices for two weekends in a row.
The AFL's coffers - surely it will add close to $10m to the bottom line.
Channel 7 who will have to provide another coverage of the grand final.
Sports memorabilia outlets who will have twice as much material for sale.
The tote and betting agencies who get to run another betting competition on the outcome of the match.

A great percentage of the 100,000 spectators who won't be able to obtain a ticket to the replay and actually see who is crowned the premier.
Collingwood (fingers crossed).
People, including the players, who've made plans to travel following the grand final and have to rearrange everything which will probably involve pernalty payments to the airlines.
Players who didn't perform well or were injured who miss out on the replay, which will go to extra time if required, and miss out on the glory of a win.
Players who get an extra pay packet. By-the-way, what does this mean in regards to the AFL salary cap if additional match payments have to be made?
Those punters who had an each way bet on the match and could only lose if there was a draw - me included.

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