Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Hate Idiot Drivers

Couple of weeks back I was very close to being confronted by an idiot driver. He was driving, quite quickly, the wrong way down a one-way section of street and would have been very close to hitting me if he had continued. The reason he didn't continue was to turn into somebody's driveway to avoid being hit by a vehicle heading towards him (in the correct direction I might add).

I took note of his number plate, the time and the location and got The Boy to write it down. We were heading to taekwondo training and I wanted to ring the police afterwards. I even slowed down so that he could catch up to me and I'd be able to describe the driver and his vehicle better. His driving was reckless in the manner of his speed and the road is quite clearly marked with a NO ENTRY sign. The Boy wants me to be a cop as I see all sorts of indiscretions on the road. Unfortunately they don't allow police to shoot roadusers who deserve to be and the pay isn't good enough. I'd spend all of my time filling in paperwork. What do they say? So many idiots, so few bullets.

Later that evening I rang the police to report an idiot driver and told them so. Gave the lady on the other end of the phone the registration details, car colour and model and a description of the driver. She said it was very helpful to be able to describe the driver as the number plate doesn't give them enough proof to charge the registered owner in itself. I asked what would happen, but her response was that she worked in a call centre and that sort of information didn't flow back to them, and I guessed that I'd already made my statement. I suppose if it went to court there would be no need for me to attend. Anyway, the lady looked up the registered owner's details and said that my description was very good. I asked, "Does it say that he's an idiot there?" We both had a good laugh about it and I gather from her response that the driver has quite some record of idiotic driving.

Need to get these sorts of people off the road. I hate idiot drivers.


Anonymous said...

Good job maybe now he won't run over a child or cause costly damage to someone's property ect.. You would be a great cop. Gil

Iris Flavia said...

Can you come over here? We have so many idiot-drivers around :-(
Esp on the highways...