Saturday, September 25, 2010

Queens Birthday Long Weekend - One Up On The Poms But One Down On The Canadians

This weekend is a big one. It's the Queens Birthday long weekend in Western Australia, the rest of the country celebrates it in June, even though Queen Elizabeth was born in April. We're actually celebrating Queen Victoria's birthday, as I explained to my fill-in chiropractor today when he asked if the AFL grand final was always held on the long weekend, and it's nothing to do with the current queen. The British don't even get a holiday to celebrate. And my chiropractor mentioned something that astounded me. Apparently Canada has left the Commonwealth (when did this happen?) and the main concern of its citizens was the loss of the public holiday should that eventuate. Their French descended prime minister at the time, Pierre Trudeau, calmed the situation down by stating that they would retain the holiday.

And here was me thinking that we had one up on the Poms for celebrating a birthday of their monarch which they didn't get when Canada has gone one better and celebrates the birthday of a monarch from an empire that they no longer belong to. Hats off to you Canadians. And I thought that Australia was the land of the long weekend.


Anonymous said...

Everyone needs more holidays!! Gil

Iris Flavia said...

I sure could need a holiday! We should celebrate the Queen, too!!!