Sunday, August 15, 2010

Updating The Blog Roll

I read a few blogs about the place. Some people blog daily, some frequently, some regularly, some rarely and others have fallen by the wayside. On the right hand side of my blog page I have a Blogroll. It's a list of all of the blogs that I regularly follow and it has certainly become dated. Several blogs are no longer and there are new ones that deserve to be added. To make my blog relevant in relation to what I'm currently doing I went to the trouble of updating the Blogroll. Please don't confuse it with bogroll. There's a marked difference.

New blogs that I follow include:

Double-Half of One Ten without ham - Bit of a zany German girl, my age, who visited Australia and blogs in English.
Sudeep's Blog - Indian guy living in the States, I believe, who likes to report on the latest technology worldwide and relevant technical articles and how they relate to India.
Life in Rural Thailand - Antipodean and family living in rural Thailand. It's a very different way of life to what we've become accustomed to in the West.
The Rejected Webcomic - Comic strip character who always face rejection. Based on someone's particular life experience?!
Rich and Gem Have Gone Travellin' - Lovely lass, who was our receptionist for a few months, and her boyfriend from Old Blighty who are travelling the globe. Needs to update a bit more.


Iris Flavia said...

Ohhhh boy... and two more words learned!
haha, bogroll.... Klorolle, just so you learn something, too :-)

Hammy said...

Klorolle could come in handy as I work with a number of Germans and Austrians.