Sunday, August 22, 2010

Save the Children Giant Book Sale 2010

Save the Children are holding their famous Giant Book Sale at Winthrop Hall at UWA. It started on Friday and runs until Wednesday. Apparently it was pretty busy on Friday and a bit quieter yesterday morning when we went. The local ABC radio station was in attendance broadcasting live.

We spent one hour searching for books. The missus grabbed two cross-stitch magazines, The Boy got a few books including reference material and I picked up several sports autobiographies, war books and history books. I didn't think that the books on offer were as exciting as last year, although I did spot a few copies of one of the books that I purchased last year, and that the price of the higher quality books was much more than last year. I seem to recall not paying more than $8 for a publication last year and this year bought one for $15 and another for $12. Still, they will certainly tide me over until next year. Less time on Facebook and more with my head in a book. Not a bad pickup for just over $100 methinks.

Get down there, grab a bargain, learn yourself up and help out a worthy charity.

Winthrop Hall at UWA

This way please to the Save the Children Giant Book Sale

Thouands of books for sale

720 ABC's Sinead Mangan with guest Chris Murphy on guitar

My books - pic 1 

My books - pic 2

The Boy's books - pic 1 (doubled up the Ancient Rome Atlas and World History)

The Boy's books - pic 2

Pile of books for a pile of reading over the next year


Iris Flavia said...

Wo-hoot, that´s a lot!
Obviously you didn´t go to school over here. Otherwise you´d grab your legs and run when you see the name Hitler pop up someplace...

Hammy said...

Hitler makes for very interesting reading material. I think we all know that he had a significant impact on the world. Germans are still reminded of it to this day.