Wednesday, August 04, 2010

iHumans - Has Apple Gone Too Far?

First of all there was an iPod for little Johnny. Then an iPhone for little Sally. Then an iPad for dad and finally an iRon for mum.

But seriously - I just read an article on ninemsn about a guy who had his life saved by his dog which bit his toe off - see here. The article makes mention of "ihumans" - is this another Apple product? If so, I think that they have gone too far. Apple should be stopped. Some of the humans who make humans shouldn't be doing so but I certainly don't think that Apple should be allowed to. Maybe they've created an app that uses the Human Genome Project and have successfully created their own version of Frankenstein's Monster.


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Iris Flavia said...

Apple really should try hard to improve the sense of the nose in iHumans, like really! ;-)
Ugh, what an icky story! No wonder that man was on margaritas. Tough dog, too!