Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Golfer Loses Arm To Alligator Whilst Playing

A golfer in his 70s has lost an arm after being attacked by an alligator. It certainly brings a few thoughts to my mind.

- Was this at some "crazy golf" course?
- Were the "Do Not Enter The Water" signs out of order?
- Which arm was torn off? It's probably the greatest excuse for a golfer to purchase new sticks. "Honey, I need a new set of clubs. That alligator took off my right arm and I'm left handed so I can't play with my clubs anymore."
- What sort of water hazard was it - lateral, casual, teethed?
- I see that his golfing buddies rescued him. I hope they managed to finish the round. There's nothing worse than paying for 18 holes and not being able to complete them. No matter how bad my game is. Ruins a good round.
- What sort of score did he have for the hole - g8r perhaps?
- Was he drinking Gatorate, er, Gatorade at the time?
- I guess if he goes back to golfing then he'll need to attend the Jack Newton Junior Golf Foundation.
Some blokes will do anything to increase their handicaps. They're known as sharks, generally. Not gators.
And to think that the golfers would have been concerned about the bite in the wind if it had been a bit chilly that day.


Anonymous said...

Can we say Dumb ass? Some old moron who just pushes a golf ball into holes with an ugly club is asking for trouble!!! Oh well it is a damn fun sport anyway!!!

Iris Flavia said...

Yeah, Germany is soooo boring - I STILL have both arms! ;-)

Gosh, really. Suppose dogs are the true danger over here (from animal kingdom, that is) - am I glad about that!