Friday, July 17, 2009

Who's The Biggest Loser In Michael Jackson's Death?

I pose the question - Who is the biggest loser in Michael Jackson's death?

His children - no. They will have more than generous trust funds. Michael, P. Michael and Michael II will spend more time with their cousins and other extended family. They'll also experience a closer to normal existence.

His father - nah. He's got a new record deal/label and has spent all of his time following his son's death spruiking it.

His brothers - nup. They'll just regroup as the Jackson 4. Plenty more opportunities to perform and be interviewed about how life is with Michael. Lots in it for them.

No, the real loser is Heather Mills? Yes, Heather Mills. Think about it. I believe Michael Jackson had a deal with Paul McCartney that ownership of The Beatles catalogue would be returned to to Macca upon Wacko Jacko's demise. So, if poor old Heather Mills had been able to put up with Sir Paul for another year or so her divorce would have been worth a cool half billion or so instead of her poorly US$50m settlement. I've never felt so sorry for such a gold digger.


Anonymous said...

OOh poor gold digger snob lol He was over $300 million in debt first. They will have to pay that all off first then they will make money off of the record sales that have bounced back. It is sad someone has to die to be appreciated. He got flesh eating bacteria on hes legs prior to death from the needles used for his pain drugs. You can see photos on the net. So so sad. His girl Paris did a video on how much she loved and will miss him on You tube. His ex wife does not want custody of them they say. How sad and tragic the whole thing is.

Anonymous said...

The ones shelling out the money for those old albums and rubbish.