Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Not So Enjoyable Weekend

Sunday started off reasonably well. Fruit and vege shopping early on, I cooked pancakes and crumpets for breakfast, and a bit of a read of the paper. Come lunchtime and we didn't head off to the pool for a dip. Thought I might do that later. The Boy wanted to play outside for a bit and then I decided to mow the lawn. Well, The Boy thought that that was a fun idea and so he did most of the mowing. Dammit, he spoiled my fun. I was rather looking forward to doing that. I can be a bit weird at times.

Later on in the arvo the missus wanted us out of the house so The Boy and I headed off to Subway before a kick of the footy and an afternoon swim. Well, that was the plan. We grabbed lunch at Subway, where I specifically asked for a cookie without nuts, and, as it turned out, we were served with a macadamia cookie. Right, that's certainly not got any nuts in it. And what do you think The Boy ate for lunch first? You guessed it, the cookie filled with nuts. And with his instantaneous allergic reaction that buggered up lunch. I gave the person who had served us a serve. The different cookies were labelled very poorly and I guess mistakes can be made when all of the workers have English as a second language. I'm just glad that the nut allergy only makes him very sick and not comatose.

He did feel better a bit later and we listened to the footy in the car. It wasn't life threatening but he felt rather sick. Enough time had lapsed and we decided to go into the pool. As soon as we left the car he complained of a stomach ache so I took him home. Into bed with a hot water bottle. About an hour and one big toilet break later he felt much better.

By the late afternoon I was seriously regretting missing my weekly swim and hit the cycle path nearby pretending to be in the Tour de France. In my head at least as my exploits on the bike were a bit wuss-like. I covered 10 1/2 km and had a reasonable hitout. So many people out walking their dogs at that time of the day. The ride was quite enjoyable.

Monday evening and I couldn't wait another week for a swim so we went to the pool after tea. It was pretty busy and I'll no doubt make the effort for my Sunday swim. And The Boy won't be getting a Kids' Pack with cookie anytime soon. You can be sure of that. It's a footlong sub or nothing. Just to be on the safe side.


Anonymous said...

At least he did not drop dead my sister has that nut allergy and it makes it so she cannot breath. Better luck next time. Go for the chips with it next time. I love Subway. Enjoy your week.

Iris Flavia said...

You might want to come over to my Mum´s place. The "wild garden" might be a place for ya! ;-)
Mind you, it´s just some 16,000 km.

Sorry for that nut-thing! That´s nuts, no?

Susan Ham said...

Where DO they find them? This allergy must be a bit limiting for all of you.