Saturday, July 11, 2009

Changing A Tap In 25 Easy Steps

1. After noticing that the tap is leaking through the spout, unusual as that is, head to hardware store.
2. Select tap.
3. Turn off water.
4. Remove tap.
5. Start losing temper when thread holding tap in place won't loosen.
6. Buggerise around for a period of time in an uncomfortable position until coming to the realisation that the sink has to come out!
7. Unscrew the pipework beneath the sink.
8. Unscrew the clips holding the sink in place.
9. Lift the sink out of position and remove.
10. Use tools and break the thread holding tap in place because it had rusted and couldn't possibly have been undone in situ.
11. Fit the new tap. Easy.
12. Remove all of the old silicone from around the sink as it won't seal again when putting the sink back.
13. Check the shed for silicone for wet areas.
14. Ride bike to hardware store once no silicone for wet areas can be found.
15. Ride bike home.
16. Seal beneath sink.
17. Install sink.
18. Find screws for holding clips that were dropped when removing sink.
19. Tighten screws.
20. Connect hot and cold water and notice that the new fittings might be just a tad short.
21. Pretend that the new fittings aren't short.
22. Turn water on outside at the mains.
23. Check that water flows and doesn't leak.
24. Neaten up silicone.
25. Clean up tools and vacuum floor.

Job done. Well, a 30 minutes job done in two and a half hours actually. Grrr.


Anonymous said...

You got it done congrats and it did not cost you double like the parking!! lol Annette

Love Kpop said...

I like to get up early to go out and breathe fresh air. I feel that it is good for health and a good habit