Thursday, December 26, 2013

Korean Holiday 2013 - Day Thirteen

Early morning walk after breakfast. A few drunks around, on this public holiday for Hangeul Day, and still people drinking in bars.

First destination was Leeum Samsung Museum of Art. Pretty pricey - W26,000 entry and W2,000 for two audio devices. Some wonderful 12th-14th Century celadon pottery, paintings and calligraphy from 100-600 years ago, Buddhist works from up to 1,400 years ago, etc in museum 1.

In museum 2 it had contemporary modern art. Some proof that weird art isn't only from Western artists. Pity we couldn't take any photos.

Walked to Itaewon and had dolsot bibimbap and naengmyeon for lunch at Sejong Garden. Here we parted ways and The Boy and I visited the War Memorial of Korea.

Outdoors at Samsung Leeum Gallery
Dolsot bibimbap - hot stone pot mixed rice and vegetables
Side dishes as well
Nangmyeon - cold noodles
Bibimbap all mixed up - yum
Nice artwork
Artists at work in Itaewon
Some new exhibitions and some old favourites at the War Memorial. It closed at 5pm and we spent another half an hour outside looking at the warship, tanks, helis, etc. Saw the people that we sat next to at the NANTA performance last night.

Mural beneath the dome at the entrance to the War Memorial

Part of a massive sculpture

One of the first items you see inside the War Memorial

Replica of Admiral Yi Sun-shin's turtle boat

Another view of turtle boat - first armoured boat in history

Wouldn't mind to have a couple of these pieces of artwork at home

Some fantastic paintings of historical battles on display

From year 660 during Silla's wars to unify the Three Kingdoms

Admiral Yi Sun-Shin's longsword

Chopper out back of the building

Some serious weaponry on display

Can I buy one as a souvenir?
Me with a tank

Didn't decommission this one properly

Panorama of some of the hardware on display

Korea's War Memorial building

The Brothers in silhouette
The Brothers

End of another day

Back home and The Boy and I ate at Burger Hunter again. Not as good this time around. The missus and I went for a long walk in an area we hadn't previously been to and saw a shabu shabu restaurant.

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