Sunday, December 01, 2013

Korea Holiday 2013 - Day Ten

I ventured to Jalgalchi Fish Market by myself this morning. Anything and everything you could imagine was available. Heaps of fish, crustaceans, molluscs, etc. Nobody appeared bothered by me taking photos, one guy, not a stall holder, even waved to me. An amazing array of creatures available - not sure about the ones that looked like penises though.

Molluscs overflow

Beautiful seafood

Neatly presented

Rays for sale - the stall holder got up early this morning by the looks of it

No sure about these penis-shaped creatures

Stare down with an octopus

Yummy baby octopi

You can keep your sea urchins

Even normal looking fish for sale

Eclectic collection

Wouldn't have minded taking this bowl of goodies

Not enough to spike my appetite

Returned to the hotel by 10am so that we could go out for breakfast and it had already begun to rain. Found a cheap, local restaurant that sold dried radish leaf soup for W3,500. The Korean miso soup was only W5,000. Very nice kimchi side dishes. Rain was fairly heavy at this time - good day to be travelling.

Checked out when MJ arrived. The additional charge for our upgraded room was to be handled by MJ took us to a Chinese restaurant for tang soo yook, jjapagetti and mandoo. Only the mandoo was better than we have in Perth at the Chinese Dumpling King (now Chao). Was good eating though. Then went to Cafe Pascucci for drinks before going back to collect our bags from the hotel.

One taxi driver refused to take us to Busan Station as the fare wasn't enough for him - his customers were big-spending Japanese. He ordered another driver to take us. This guy drove like a madman - it turns out that he had a pre-arranged appointment to take people to the airport and took us first. No wonder.

Radish leaf soup - apparently good for a hangover

Not worried about viewing the landscape with his head buried in a book

One of the few half decent landscapes shot from the train

Welcome to Seoul
MJ had ordered the KTX tickets to Seoul on the Internet therefore didn't have a printout so I took photos of the ticket details. As it was Sunday at the end of the Busan Film Festival the train was quite booked. We had to sit in different carriages. No-one spoke to me or checked my ticket for the entire journey. Managed to read quite a bit of my book.

Once we had arrived in Seoul, a couple of minutes late, we grabbed a quite bit. The it was fun of the subway with our big luggage. Bit of a struggle.

Arrived in Gangnam and searched for our apartment. Very frustrating. Asked a taxi driver who was passing by and he was very helpful but didn't know. Asked a shopkeeper who said that it was nearby but didn't know where. The missus finally located it. No prob to check-in - just copied my passport. Nice apartment but had to ring reception for operating instructions for the gas, Internet, hot water, etc. Had a walk later and bought something to eat.

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