Saturday, December 21, 2013

Korea Holiday 2013 - Day Eleven

Up reasonably early for breakfast. Quite a few whiteys but they all spoke Russian. Not much planned for today, many attractions are closed on a Monday, so we walked around some of Gangnam to look at the clothing shops (not open at this time either) and bumped into some tourist info people. They said to take the subway rather than the bus to Myeongdong. Bit of a trek but quite manageable.

Wandered around Myeongdong, had a very nice kalgooksoo lunch (W8,000) and bought lots of little items at the markets. The missus had to go shopping without us or they tried to charge more.

Visited COEX at Samseong station and found it a bit disappointing. Lotte Duty Free shopping wasn't great, nothing much at Megabox (cinema) to see, except for a couple of Korean movies that wouldn't have had subtitles, and not much else interested us.

After Myeongdong we went through Namdaemun markets where when buying a doggie coat the woman tried to charge us too much until I decided to walk away and then she grabbed my missus and dropped the price immediately. The missus was a little taken aback by the manner in which she was treated.

Doggie clothing articles in Namdaemun markets
Reasonably busy
Walked to Sungnyemun (South Gate) and took some photos. It was actually closed but there was still a news crew set up for some reason. Bit more market shopping then back to the apartment for a rest.

Sungnyemun - National Treasure No. 1

Serious seflie
Notice the skill at capturing the moment with no traffic in site

Beautiful work

TV Crew seemingly in residence
Panorama of Sungnyemun
Back in the markets
외국인 - wegookin (foreigner)

That evening we went to Burger Hunter for a wonderful meal of burgers - Burger Hunter, Burger Hunter Cheese and an Angry Burger. Have to be close to the best burgers I've ever tasted.

Angry Burger - hot and tasty
Needed a walk after dinner and the missus decided to purchase some new prescription glasses. The guy tried to charger her W50,000 when they were only W30,000 in Busan. She got him down to W30k but was furious with his attitude. Took her a long time to cool off and he took an hour to finish the work. Bought lots of house decorative items from Daiso.

Gangnam at night - that's when it is busy
Pass (on) the pigs

Just before going to bed the missus remembered that I needed to book the NANTA Theatre. Went online for the booking and found only seven tickets left upstairs for the performance for tomorrow night. For some reason it wouldn't let me book using the 20% discount for "16th anniversary" special for Tuesdays. So I booked the youth tickets as they were the same price.

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