Sunday, December 04, 2011

Melbourne-Tassie Holiday 2011 Day 7

Checked out of the Batman Fawkner Inn and walked to City Park to check out the Japanese macaques. Wandered around some of Launceston to get a few photos of the lovely buildings before driving through Scottsdale on the way to St Helens. We came across a sign for Mt Paris Dam and decided to take a look. After 13 kms of white, corrugated metal road travelling through some deforested area with thick smoke we came across a four wheel drive track. That's where I stopped the car and we walked down to the dam. Well, some ruins anyway. The further we went the better it got until we found the Cascade River and followed it as far as we could walk. Lovely spot.

Back on the road and drove through the hills. Came across a few idiot drivers who kept cutting corners or just straddling the lane in each direction. These people shouldn't have been on the road. Once I got past I soon left them behind.

Reached St Helens just before 2pm and searched for lunch. A jacket potato looked nice, as did the salt and pepper squid, but we did some shopping first. Grabbed the squid and then was told that the jacket potatoes were sold out and the kitchen was closed. Bummer, missed it by 15 minutes. Filled the car up with fuel.

Visited the information centre for some info on the Bay of Fires. Drove out to have a look. Nice spot, bloody cold and reasonably coloured. A Korean couple, whom we'd seen at the takeaway shop, parked next to us. The guy got out and said, "Hi" to which I responded, "Annyeong haseyo". He quickly replied with "How do you know?" I found that reaction to be hilarious.

Some large waves nearby and we also searched for birds' eggs but failed to locate any. Apparently the birds nest in the areas near the beach so we were interested if we could find anything.

Took the hill road, as opposed to the coast road, to Bicheno but almost went the wrong way at St Marys. Arrived at our hotel at 6pm. Carried out the washing and had a shower. Into town for tea at the RSL for a roast but they'd had 60 people already and were sold out. Tried Pasinis and bought lasagna and spaghetti - did not taste great. And we had to leave the shop as they were closing (7:45pm).

Finished the drying and watched The Mummy Returns. Had a bit of a disagreement with a NSW couple who had parked in my spot, and half of the next, who didn't want to move. When I finally convinced them the bloody Bicheno Penguin Tour bus parked behind both of us.

Melbourne-Tassie Holiday 2011 Photo Album - Photos 152-200.


Anonymous said...

Good posts. Is your footsie better yet? John

Hammy said...

Bruises on the toes have just about cleared up but still can't flex properly. Ankle seems a bit weak too. Probably won't train for the rest of the year.