Sunday, December 18, 2011

Melbourne-Tassie Holiday 2011 Day 10

Took some fruit for breakfast. Drove to Port Arthur to visit Remarkable Cave in the Tasman National Park. It's a long cave that the waves have carved out. Didn't stick around for long. Drove across the isle to view the convict coal mine. Spent most of our time at the barracks and the cells of solitary confinement. Couple of other toursits out there but it feels a bit remote. Put $10 of fuel in as the fuel guage was getting low very quickly.

Also dropped in to Tasmans Arch, Devils Kitchen (both better viewed from the boat yesterday) and The Blowhole (not on song). The lookout provided a great view. Had fish and chips and squid and chips, and ice cream, at the Doo-Licious van. Being nearby Doo Town it, the name, makes sense. Nice meal.

Filled up the car in Sorrell and headed over to Richmond to search for Zoo Doo Wildlife Park but took the wrong road initially. Found it but it hadn't been signposted too well. For a major tourist attraction I was disappointed that that was the case. There weren't as many animals to view/feed as Tasmania Zoo but we got to hold a snake, feed emus, ostriches and a camel from the safari bus and there were white lions and tigers on display. The feeding of the Tasmanian devils was funny as one of the devils kept attacking the bucket where the food was being held. Lions weren't interested in feeding which was a bit disappointing.

Back to town for a walk around to photograph all of the old buildings and Richmond Bridge - the oldest bridge in Australia which dates back to 1823. Had a drink at the bakery.

Quick drive into Hobart but took a wrong road and missed the city centre. Drove around for 10 minutes or so and then decided to head towards Mt Wellington before turning off at Mt Nelson where our accommodation was situated. Accidentally had to turn off and follow the Southern Outlet. I did notice a sign regarding Mt Nelson later and it turned out, by a complete fluke, that I had struck the correct road. At the top of the mountain was our accommodation - The Signalman's Cottage B & B. Our hosts, Georgie and Loic, were very nice and Georgie gave me a mud map to Sandy Bay to find some dinner and do some shopping. Ended up buying souvlakis @ Mykonos.

Very interesting to see Hobart disappear from view because of cloud and reappear a few minutes later. Not a great deal of off street parking available in Hobart, due to the city being built in the time of the convict and horse and car, and it makes driving around more difficult also. Quite a few one way streets and not much level ground either.

Melbourne-Tassie Holiday 2011 Photo Album No.2 - Photo 98-152.


Anonymous said...

How cool!!! That Devil is adorable. I am listening to "The Devil inside" right now. lol Mitch

Hammy said...

Ha! I had that song running through my head at work today and heard it on the radio this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

LOL Mitch Australian music rules!!!