Thursday, November 03, 2011

Early Evening Telemarketer Call - Another Scam

The phone has been ringing hot this evening. Well, there's been three telemarketers call anyway.

One of them, quite rudely, asked me to confirm my name. No, it's my phone so she can tell me who she is. Cheryl Baxter, apparently, from the Melbourne head office of Virtual PC Doctor. Oh really? Then she crapped on about viruses and bugs having been uploaded to the Internet, etc, and how I'd have to check my family PC for this. I wasn't sure what a "family PC" was so she explained that it was the PC or computer that I had in the house. But I hadn't mentioned anything about a computer. So she prompted me to admit if I had a computer or not. Hmm, I wasn't sure. So she asked me to go check if I had a computer. I left her waiting whilst I checked. Even though it only took a minute to work out if I had a computer or not she wasn't there when I returned to the phone. Pity, I was having a bit of fun.

Strange, she didn't really sound like her name was Cheryl. A quick check on Google revealed that this, shock! horror!, is a scam.

Ed - a fourth call before finishing this post.

1 comment:

Iris Flavia said...

SO learning from you!!! LOL, too funny!!!
Sadly our "home-phone" ... or "family-phone" eats up batteries, so I only put in some when I call my Mum.
Everything else goes via... ummm, wait... yes! "Family-PC".
Hence, sadly, no such calls ever reach me.
But I´d knew what to say :-)