Sunday, November 13, 2011

Chemfest 2011 At Curtin University

Attended Chemfest yesterday. No, it wasn't about a group of druggies getting together and shooting up, snorting powdery substances or popping pills. It was about some companies, a few of the local universities and Scitech putting on an informative display to get school-aged children excited about studying chemistry.

We saw displays for memory metals, how different household cleaners contain chemicals that would destroy your eyes, fingerprint viewing and everybody's favourite - slimy goo made out of different polymers.

Scitech's own presentation whereby they used liquid nitrogen, fire and made elephant's toothpaste was great. It had the kids', and many of the adults', attention. Check out some of the photos.

Chemfest Photo Album on Facebook.


Katy said...

hope you had a good time at Chemfest

Hammy said...

Hi Katy. Chemfest was quite good and there weren't too many kids who weren't entertained. Hopefully it piqued their interest in chemistry.

Were you helping out at one of the displays?