Sunday, November 27, 2011

Black Belt Grading

Two years and one month ago I took up taekwondo. It was one month prior to my son gaining his first dan black belt. I've found it to be a very enjoyable pastime and sport whereby lots of friends of all ages have been made. It's certainly never boring at training as there is always something happening.

Today The Boy and I took part in a black belt grading. Him for his second dan and me for my first. Thankfully it wasn't a really hot day like The Boy's last grading. The higher dans went first, then The Boy and finally the red threes (first geup). I was in the last group. Found it a little difficult to hear the head instructor calling out at times with the shouting going on so looked a little bit slow. Think I only made one wrong move in my five patterns so that was a huge relief. Sparring was a different story though - I did a turning kick to one of my friends and connected quite strongly with his elbow. And this was in the second of about eight spars. A couple of spars later I did the same thing to another opponent and that really hurt. Perhaps that was the loudest that I yelled all afternoon. Once the sparring was complete we had to break two boards. Well, even though it was my right foot that was sore that was the one that I used - successfully.

Man, you'll have to call me Bigfoot from now on. The foot really ballooned. Don't know if a blood vessel was burst but I suspect that it's going to be pretty black by tomorrow. And it's very difficult to walk on. Had to drive home using only the left foot. Good thing that I have an automatic.

Best news for the day was that The Boy passed well and I passed also. Two black belts in the family. I'm a happy boy myself.

Note: I get quite nervous prior to grading and on the morning it is pretty bad. After lunch I had a bit of food stuck in the back of my mouth and used my finger to try to get it out. Whoops, involuntary reaction by the stomach. Managed to stop it just in time. But then I had to have a deep cough and up came lunch. Or about half of it. Oh, well. Didn't ruin things but I could've done with a bit more energy during the grading.

Black Belt Grading Photo Album on Facebook.

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