Saturday, September 03, 2011

Teacher Laptops Should Be Deemed As Essential Tools And Supplied

I wasn't too pleased to read the other day that teachers in Victoria were being forced to enter lease agreements for outdated Apple computers and that the lease would lock them in until 2016. Their students would have far better computers, probably paid for by taxpayer dollars, as opposed to the computers that the teachers would use (and pay for).

I don't fancy being locked into anything especially if I have no choice in the matter. If a laptop is deemed by the government to be an essential tool for all teachers then surely the relevant education department should be responsible for providing them. I don't get this. In this country if a uniform is required then the company has to issue it. If personal protective equipment is necessary then the company has a duty to supply it.

How can we be in a situation whereby the teachers have inferior products to the generation that they are supposed to be teaching? It's like having a university lecturer whose experience is dated and irrelevant. Oh, wait....

Aren't the youth of today supposed to be tomorrow's leaders? What happened to the Education Revolution from the Australian Labor Party? Ha, I like the reference to "in a Rudd Labor Government" throughout the linked document. That didn't last long. I guess now that KRudd is no longer in charge the Labor Party doesn't have to honour those particular promises.

Get your act together, the Australian Government, and provide for education outcomes that are necessary in this country.


Anonymous said...

Now I know why Apple has more money than the USA. That sounds unfair to force rentals. It should be provided for the teachers. They have very few perks as it is and buy rewards for the children plus ect.. That sounds like black mail to me. If they do not buy one what will they do fire them? I bet they are doing that here some places too. Gill P.s. Maybe they should look into other companies like Dell that sells at a discount with better equipment that is not so outdated.

Hammy said...

I'm not actually against Apple computers being used. Strange for me not to rant about them. It's more that there is no choice for the teachers who must pay for an outdated computer when I consider that it should be provided. Not having a go at Apple this time. Who supplies the support for the computers?

Kylie Ofiu said...

Teachers have it so hard already that to force something like this on them is just wrong. It is completely unfair and I agree, if it is deemed necessary/compulsory in any other occupation your employer would foot the bill, so the teachers should not have to for crappy computers!

On a side note, I wanted to contact you but couldn't find where I could email you? If you have time could you please email me contact at kylieofiu dot come please? I have something I want to discuss. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

That is a secret I believe but they may be AQ members some one said. Maybe that is. You may want to research it further. That could be the gossip of another company.