Sunday, September 25, 2011

News Stories

Here's a few news stories I saw during the week that I found to be interesting.

Sydney man stabs and kills intruder armed with stun gun

- It's time the government realised that anti-gun laws are having a detrimental affect on the lifespan of robbers. I thought that this country stood for a fair go for all.

Faster than light particles found, claim scientists

- Particles faster than light? Are they sure it's not a daylight savings error and that they didn't synchronise their watches?

'Decamillionaires' on the rise in Asia as wealth shifts away from Western nations

- Dammit, one list I wouldn't mind being on.

Julia Gillard TV sex scene causes outrage in Oz

- I hear that the diggers aren't happy at the image portrayed in the show, At Home With Julia, as thousands of men have died under that flag. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy playing her partner, Tim Mathieson, "died" also.

Amorous Squid Seeks Partner: Any Sex Will Do

- And to think they just spit in our eyes. It could be worse.

UK’s slowest broadband street revealed

- Sounds like snail mail is faster than broadband in West Sussex and Hampshire.


Anonymous said...

Pretty good stories man!! Now when will you build the time travel machine? After work lol? Gill

honkeie2 said...

When I think my life sucks I read the paper and feel so much better about myself