Saturday, September 17, 2011

Challenge – Make $50 This Week

I've joined a financial blogging community - Finance Community - that has just been created. I'd like to use some of my creativity and thoughts regarding finance and share them with a wider audience than I currently reach. One feature of this blog is a weekly challenge. And the challenge this week is:

Make $50 This Week

Well, the rules aren't that rigid. I shall explore a couple of ideas.

Charity - raising $50 for the MS Readathon is not too difficult, if you have a reasonable network of family, friends or know your neighbours quite well. It's great for young people to raise money for this worthy charity and the benefits of reading are wide reaching. Of course, this week would require the readathon to be active and in Western Australia it starts in December.

Personal - gardening for the neighbours.
- collecting cans and bottles for the refund money (might take more than one week though).
- doing odd jobs around the house, like cleaning the pantry or the container cupboards, cleaning the shed, washing and vacuuming the car, etc (more age dependent and aimed at the younger generation).
- delivery of brochures and local newspapers (I understand that the pay rate is closer to $1/hr and not a real earner).

Committing yourself to working overtime is too dependent upon the boss to make it a reliable money-making method. And it's not an option if you are a salaried employee. I think the older you get the more difficult it is to actually make more money outside of your usual employment. That $50 is more attainable by spending less than normal.

Frugal Bastard's Challenge to Make $50 This Week


Anonymous said...

You can do it or find away to cut costs more. Can you cut your utility bill somehow or other bills? You could have your cute boy sell candy bars. Gill

Finance Community said...

Thanks for joining in. Sorry the linky tool didn't work.

You've got some great ideas and I love the charity option! :)

Iris Flavia said...

I´m definitively too old for the delivery of brochures & stuff. I can´t jump that high anymore and sure would get caught this time by a mean dog...
Living near university I can tell, though, that collecting bottles is worth the job. Did spend enough time waiting for my turn behind students who did some 50 bucks at one time with that!
Ok, that´s a lie. But 20 it once was, gah.

Anonymous said...

I found 50 bucks on the bus