Monday, August 29, 2011

Tree Fellers

No, this isn't a posting about three fellas. We had a couple of palm trees out the front of the house. They'd become too big to prune the fronds off, which were very difficult to cut anyway, and there was the possibility that they were a danger to the house should they get blown over. There used to be three but I pushed one over by hand a while back. The two that were left weren't so easy to remove, which was a good thing.

On Saturday I bought an axe in Bunnings. Actually, I felt like "The Man" walking around the shop carrying an axe as no-one would want to take me on. Strange that you can walk around within the confines of a shop with what could be deemed a weapon and nobody takes the slightest bit of notice.

It was a nice day yesterday so out came the axe. I tied a rope around the tree so that I could guide its fall. There were quite a few small plants within the fall zone and there was also the dividing wall to be concerned about. Palm tree wood is very soft and moist. In fact, the bark is tougher than the inner part of the tree. I obviously own a pair of office worker's hands as they blistered very quickly. And badly. The Boy managed to capture a decent video of the first palm tree coming down. He assisted me with the second one and was surprised at how big the tree was and how fast it comes down at you.

I'm paying for it this morning with painful hands missing a bit of skin. Might not even be able to do training tonight, dammit. It was good fun though. Have to chop up the trees a few more time into a manageable size so that they can go in the next green collection. Quite a bit of work to do and I need to wait until my hands recover. At least my back survived the exercise.



Anonymous said...

Very impressive. There is this stuff called Udder cream that can help that if they have it there. Heal soon. Ouch. Gill

Hammy said...

My old man swears by Barrier Cream. I just wish I had some of it handy. They don't make the stuff like they used to.

Anonymous said...

I will have to look that up. Thanks. I have those hard working hands you do. Gill