Saturday, August 13, 2011

What Exactly Do They Have For Sale?

A local car dealer had a sale recently. I dare say that it cost them quite a few dollars to set up as fencing isn't cheap and the advertising banners look like they cost a couple of hundred dollars each.

I did the Marketing 101 unit at university so I have some basic idea regarding advertising. OK, the banners state the a car sale is going on so that much is clear. I would have thought that you'd want to show the product being sold. Or was that the ploy to get people in the gate? Don't tell them what is for sale and human curiosity will do the rest? What exactly do they have for sale?

How did the sale go? The banners were only erected for one weekend and the lot has been cleared by a third to half of stock. I'd say it was quite successful. What do I know about marketing? Or did they just remove the stock whilst the banners were in place and the public were unable to see just to give us the impression that they've had a great sale? I'm not convinced yet.

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Anonymous said...

They could have made more attractive signs and cleared out more. Gill