Sunday, August 21, 2011

Honey, Your Drug Dealer Called

I was cooking tea last night when my wife's mobile rang. She didn't know who it was and spoke for a short time before hanging up. Then she asked if I had called her as someone had put on a strange voice and she thought that it must have been me. A quick look into the kitchen revealed that I was turning fish over in the fry pan at that time so it certainly wasn't me.

Very soon after the phone rang again and the missus wanted me to answer it. The caller ID flashed "Withheld" as the name/number. Hm, not looking promising as the person obviously has something to hide. The guy said his name was Vladimir, Vladimir Korso. Funny how he had an African accent. I asked him why he was calling and he replied, "Have you got my money ready?"
"You mean your drug money that I gave you an IOU for?" I asked, trying to add a bit of humour to the silly situation that was developing.
"Yes, for the cocaine I sold you last week."
I informed this guy that he had the wrong number and should check again before recalling.
"But I can sense it," he said.
At this stage I told him that his senses needed checking and goodbye.

What sort of a drug dealer takes an IOU for a sale?


Iris Flavia said...

Oh boy! What did that guy hope to get???
And how do you come up with stuff like that that spontaneous? :-)

Anonymous said...

LOL Hammy you Crackhead!! Not lol

Bankruptcy Ben said...

A bad drug dealer. I thought they'd all take eftpos now anyway?

Hammy said...

I like to have a bit of fun with people. Yeah, the was a weird one to come up with so I'm glad he played along. Or did he? I don't know how serious he was. What an idiot.