Monday, August 22, 2011

Great News - Kim Kardashian Is Married

Isn't it wonderful news that Kim Kardashian is married? In fact, it's such a relief. Well, I think it is. Coz I won't have to listen to any more rubbish about "Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding" and the angst and anxiety that went with it.

Who is this woman, whose show I've never seen, that has become huge worldwide and even more annoying in a publicity-seeking manner than Paris Hilton? Did anyone think that that was actually possible?

Is Kris Humphries going to be paid by some strange equal opportunity cult to change his name to Kris Kardashian? Let's face it, if you didn't know that he was a New Jersey Nets basketballer, you might as well know him as Mr Kim Kardashian.

I'm sickened to hear that this couple is banking $17.9 million for various rights to the coverage of their wedding.

Unfortunately, even though I won't have to hear much more about the upcoming wedding I'm sure there'll be more than enough drivel about the following:

Honeymoon news
First fight news
Kiss and make up news
Trying for baby news
Breakup news
Splitsville news
New lover news

Then there's always the 3rd, 4th and 5th husband news (I only found out on Wikipedia's page about Kim that she was previously married).

Is there no end to this crap? Gee, so much of world hunger could be stopped if the money being thrown at this "celebrity" was used in a better manner. What has the world come to?

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Anonymous said...

Insanity!!! They need to give that money to us for our drugs damn it!!! Lol Gill