Monday, February 14, 2011

What is there to see in Los Molinos, California?

Wikipedia doesn't have too much to say about Los Molinos, Cal. The population is less than 2000 and less than one percent of the area is covered by water. So, lakes aren't a big attraction I'm guessing. Although The Sac looks interesting. The median house price is under $200k. Is that pricey? Maybe the Old Tehama County Jail is worth a visit. Or the Lower Sacramento River. I see that Palermo isn't far away but not the one in Italy. There is the Umpqua Bank and that's a rather strange name. Anyone care to tell me about this particular establishment? And if you take Google Street View down Railroad Avenue heading north you'll find yourself stuck behind a truck. I notice the Mill Creek Restaurant nearby Nu-Way Market. Maybe there is a bit going on in Los Molinos.


Anonymous said...

No San Francisco, Ca is pricey but, has some real neat places to visit. That is where your relatives live I see your cute face there often. Check it out. The area you mention is pretty cheap. Take care. Not Gil this time. Your wife is very lucky. They are very good lawmen.

Anonymous said...

But you did not hear that from me. I am not one to gossip ha ha