Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Canning River Regional Park Fire Aftermath

On the weekend the Canning River Regional Park went up in flames. It happens every year. During summer the grasses around the river become very dry and the whole area is a tinder box. It's just waiting for some idiot to light a fire. I guess it happened again on the weekend. Actually, I'd say it's the most widespread fire that I've seen in the area in my time.

When I was riding my bike this afternoon to take some photos I saw an old bloke who was walking his dog. We got talking and he said that a woman had seen the guy who lit a fire in the area a few years ago was in the area only a day or so before. Makes you wonder why they don't shoot arsonists.

Canning River Regional Park Fire Aftermath photo album on Facebook.

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Anonymous said...

We have them that are insane firemen. I hope they catch that jerk. That is awful. Gil