Saturday, September 18, 2010

They Should Have Bought Me Jocks For Fathers Day Like I Asked

I asked for undies for Fathers Day. Not very original but I could do with them. You don't really want me to be going around commando, do you? Then they came up with a lame excuse that they didn't know when the day was and hadn't gotten around to buying them. Another week went by and still no jocks.

Well, I had the last laugh. Today I bought myself a real Fathers Day present. It's the Taylormade Burner 9.5 degrees driver. Oh, and I bought a new buggy and bag.

Best. Fathers. Day. Ever. I can run around without undies for a while. Perhaps they should have bought what I asked for.

The new love of my life
Fathers Day present 2010


Anonymous said...

What fun. Gil

Susan Ham said...

Wot size/style/colour do you prefer?

Hammy said...

I hardly think that this is the forum to discus the size 137XXXL with added padding and handle bar in the front that I require.