Saturday, September 25, 2010

Romantic Time Spent Watching A Movie

Our young bloke was over at a sleepover last night. It offered us a chance to spend a bit of time together so we grabbed a video. I let the wife choose whatever she wanted to watch and she picked Daybreakers. I don't think that she looked past the star of the movie, Ethan Hawke, before making her choice.

The movie is rated MA 15+ Restricted, which must be a new classification, and is full of horror, gore and blood. Not exactly romantic but it did lead to a few holds of the arm. The movie was made in Australia but strangely there was one Australian actor who spoke with an American accent whilst the others did not and some cars were left-hand drive while others were right-hand drive. Quite a good movie but the climax was a little too simplistic.

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Anonymous said...

There will be better ones. Gil