Saturday, September 04, 2010

ABB Golf Day 2010

Lovely day for golf. Any day is a lovely day for golf. I received an invitation for the ABB Golf Day at Joondalup Country Club. It's the best golf course resort in the country. Magnificent course. Unforgiving rough. Teamed up with John, a 2 handicapper, Steve and Mike. Nice company and we managed some good golf. Came in with a score of 5 under for ambrose. I even got to use John's driver on a few occasions. I have to get one of those clubs!

The greens were lightning fast and it was only two days after winter had finished. There was a swing monitor with David Milne and he gave us all a great rundown of our swing. Little bit of work to do but I'd love to have one of these toys.

Frugal Bastard's 2nd drive with the on-course swing monitor.

Joondalup Country Club Entrance
The clubhouse and putting green
Driving range

Gentlemen, start your golf carts
Bit too much flex in the shaft which is a bad affliction for a golfer

Quarry course hole 9
PGA Teacher of the Year David Milne

Tee at Lake hole 2
Some beautiful houses surround the course
Plenty of traps for unsuspecting players
Not so interested onlooker
John, Mike, Steve and Frugal Bastard
Quarry hole 2 The Moon Crater
Fabulous landscaping and one of the 18 most beautiful holes in Australia
Reminds me of Stonehenge
Very large male roo - almost maximum zoom so as not to get too close
Few balls down in the old quarry
Must. Have. Club.
Course in magnificent condition


Anonymous said...

Fun fun fun Enjoy your week. Gil

Iris Flavia said...

Golfing is very exclusive/expensive over here - is it a common sport at your place? Saw heaps of places...

Hammy said...

Looking at A$100 during the week for a game including golf cart hire at this course. It is quite an exclusive place. Plenty of good public courses in the $25-$35 range.

Iris Flavia said...

Plus you have the right weather :-)