Sunday, May 30, 2010

Who Will Win The 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa?

Who will win the World Cup being held in South Africa in two weeks time? And does anybody care? I'm not sure what is going on this time around but normally all the water cooler talk in the weeks leading up to the World Cup revolves around who will win. Hardly a word is spoken at work and it doesn't seem that too many others are interested either. Is it because we've just seen the IPL finish the season and the T20 World Cup having been played and won (by England if you missed it)?

Or does it have more to do with the fact that news emanating from South Africa appears to be focusing on the negative aspects of the country - law and disorder, violence, terrorist threats, Robert Mugabe nearby, the shanty towns, the governmental mismanagement, dictatorial leadership, etc? That would be a real shame as I believe that FIFA had great intentions of bewstowing the World Cup on Africa, with its host of developing nations, for the betterment of football (soccer - it's so difficult to get my head around that term). It could so easily have been awarded to a developed nation/s but the long term future of the game will be better served by allowing those less fortunate than first world countries to host it.

I do hope that South Africa hosts a successful tournament. It is the largest competition, along with the Olympics, so deserves to be held successfully. And I'd like to see an African nation make it to the final. To play Australia that is.

Tournament Schedule (Fixtures list)

For what it is worth I think the winner will come out of Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain and Italy. Dark horses would include Ghana, Cameroon and South Korea.

I don't think that Germany can win it without Michael Ballack. I'd hate to see Italy do well after they cheated Australia last time around. Spain usually wilts in the big tournaments. Oh, I haven't mentioned France. Brazil will be there or thereabouts. Argentina will do well.

Let's do a more in-depth study and be a bit more methodical, shall we?

Group A - South Africa, Mexico, France and Uruguay. Can't see South Africa or Mexico going through to the second round.
Group B - Argentina, Greece, South Korea and Nigeria. Looking at past form I'd see Argentina and Nigeria booking places in the second round. South Korea will battle for second place but the surprise could be that that is against Argentina and not Nigeria whom I'd expect to do well on their home continent.
Group C - England, Algeria, Slovenia and USA. I see England and Slovenia advancing.
Group D - Germany, Serbia, Ghana and Australia. I'd love to pick the Aussies to go through but see a somewhat vulnerable Germany lacking their captain being most assured of advancing with perhaps sentimental favourite Ghana. Serbia and Australia should make a good fist of this so it really is the group of death.
Group E - Netherlands, Denmark, Japan and Cameroon. I'd expect the Netherlands and Cameroon to be playing 2nd round football.
Group F - Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand and Slovakia. There is a place in my heart for Slovakia but I see Paraguay going through with Italy. New Zealand should put a scare through the opposition as they have a bit of striking force and Italy may actually miss out as they are notorious slow starters.
Group G - Ivory Coast, Brazil, Portugal and North Korea. Hmm, Brazil. Obviously. Ivory Coast and Portugal to battle out the other spot with Ivory Coast getting the nod.
Group H - Honduras, Chile, Spain and Switzerland. Spain and Chile fairly easily.

Round of 16 (2nd Stage)
1A vs 2B - Uruguay vs Nigeria. Nigeria to win.
1C vs 2D - England vs Ghana. England.
1E vs 2F - Netherlands vs Italy. Netherlands.
1G vs 2H - Brazil vs Chile. Brazil.

1B vs 2A - Argentina vs France. Argentina.
1D vs 2C - Germany vs Slovenia. Germany.
1F vs 2E - Paraguay vs Cameroon. Cameroon.
1H vs 2G - Spain vs Ivory Coast. Spain.

Nigeria vs England. Bye, bye England.
Netherlands vs Brazil. Brazil. Just.
Argentina vs Germany. Argentina.
Cameroon vs Spain. Cameroon.

Nigeria vs Brazil. Brazil.
Argentina vs Cameroon. Argentina.

Third Place Playoff
Nigeria vs Cameroon. Cameroon - better play in the group qualifying stage.

2010 World Cup Final South Africa
Brazil vs Argentina. Toughie. I'm gonna stick my neck out and say Argentina. I dunno why as they finished as the 4th best team in South American qualifying and Brazil finished on top.

There. I've said it. Argentina will win the World Cup in 2010. Now watch them tumble out in the first round. If the game isn't on too late where you are. Most of the Aussies matches are late starts (10:30pm) or early mornings (2:30am). Not sure how many I will see. C'mon Aussie.


Anonymous said...

Maybe so

Susan Ham said...

Dad reckons you need to revise your predictions for the AFL.

Iris Flavia said...

Loved your second sentence!!!
Because... at work it´s our job to integrate a live-ticker in our portal. Neither my (male) colleagues nor I are interested at all in soccer, have no idea what is important. Absolutely the right staff for the project! ;-)

Football is American Football, btw, but you Aussies mix it all up anyways, using an American Football-ball, wearing soccer-clothes! Why do you do that anyways? ;-)

I´m ok with Australia-South Africa as finalists, may the better one win!
No, actually, sorry to say, I´d love to see South Africa as winner! That country could so need that!

I don´t think either Germany will come far without Ballack (see??? I know that, due to my job! They make me gather knowledge on soccer, ahhhh!).

What I like about the whole stuff, though, is that there are all the national-pride-items, that´s kinda fun. For your car, your head, as bikini, you name it, all will be in black-red-gold in June over here and you don´t even have to be ashamed of it!

Hammy said...

Ma - you can tell dad that my AFL predictions are long shot to bits but I guess he already realises that.

Iris - I'm pretty sure that our football/soccer team's kit is pretty standard. I'd say that your programming team will show little bias in the ticker project but maybe little ingenuity as well if you aren't interested in the subject. Don't wish to get caught up in all the paraphenalia though.

Rich Abbott said...

This is great. Did my predictions the other day and came up with Brazil winning it and knocking Spain out in the second round - the downside of sticking stubbornly to my prediction of Chile being dark-horses. Obviously, that almost certainly won't happen, but it's nice to be a bit different, as these things almost never pan out exactly as expected.

People getting up for this in Oz? Needless to say that in England the hype is in overdrive. After all, it's only 44 years since we won it...

Hammy said...

Thanks for your contribution Rich. If the game starts at 2:30am in the West it'll be 4:30 on the East coast. I can see that there will be a lot of Aussies prepared to get up that early to watch. As for me it certainly depends whether I can go to be early enough.

You don't think that England will be hampered by the loss of David Beckham? I would consider this World Cup to be one of the greatest chances for England to win actually although perhaps I didn't take that into account in my predictions. If they come up against an African nation in the knockout stage I think that the "home" support will be too much for them to overcome.

rich Abbott said...

I think we'll do okay - outside shot at the semis...

Don't reckon Becks will be a huge loss - don't think he'd have started games - but his crossing and freekicks are irreplaceable. on the other hand, we've lost Ferdinand, our captain, today, which really could be bad news. Typical world cup build up for England.

I notice the Australia team is very similar to the class of '06. They were great four years ago, and deserve a bit of luck this year!