Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Something Has To Be Done About Richmond Football Club

The AFL needs to make a stance regarding the future of the Richmond Football Club. They've played nine games this season and are yet to win a match. There is a need to return some credibility to the Tigers by evening up the competition. What concerns me is the fact that they have a playing list of youngsters and have removed the older stalwarts. My main worry is if, or should that be when, they win a match will they be able to sing the club song? Who from the playing group would know it as the last rendition would be from so long ago?

How's this for a classic song - it's the Bordertown Roosters club song.

Come on boys,
Make a noise,
We are red hot savaloys,
We are the boys from Bordertown,
You can bring on your locals,
Bring 'em to the top,
'Coz Bordertown is coming,
A-coming on the hop,
Are we good?
Are we good?
Are we any bloody good?
We are the boys from Bordertown.


Iris Flavia said...

Probably ( ;-)...) not related... we´ll attend the Richmond picnic on Sat. Keep you´r fingers crossed there´ll be good weather! It´ll be baroque style, wo-hoo...

"Our" (American) Football-Team is all with youngsters now, too. Well... makes me feel old!

Anonymous said...

Being old sucks.