Friday, November 20, 2009

Is There An IT Guru In The House?

Yesterday I attempted to send an email. All went well until I hit the send button. Then for some strange reason I was informed that there was a problem. I checked the modem. Hmm, only three lights instead of four. The modem was reset. Same problem, same number of lights. I was starting to think that this could be serious. Perhaps the modem was worn out after some six years of use. Then a complete lack of lights on the router caught my eye. I put my electrician skills to work and checked all the connections. The power supply was plugged in. The extension board that the power supply was plugged into was turned on. Hopefully not another failed powerboard, I hoped. Then I checked the outlet on the wall. Sure enough, I'd managed to turn only one outlet on and not two.

What a duffer. Didn't need to be an IT guru or an electrician. Maybe the big toe wasn't working properly that morning.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you turned it off with your big toe,eh?

James said...

Good thing your smart, Hammy.

Anonymous said...

It was a bug.