Monday, November 23, 2009

I Need A New Skin

I'm in need of a new skin. It's got nothing to do with being wrinkly or scarred or anything. Early this morning I went to the freezer to grab a loaf of bread. Here's a Frugal Bastard tip - keep your bread in the freezer as it will stay fresh for longer. As I was reaching for the door handle I caught sight of something that made me jump out of my skin. It was a huntsman spider and it frightened six months growth out of me. I positively jumped out of my skin. That's why I need a new one. More information on Huntsman spider from and

Rather than spray him, partly because he was on my boy's school photograph, I grabbed an empty coffee jar and put him inside. He was wider than the jar and I might have squashed his legs a bit. Left him there during the day. One of my colleagues said I should let him go in a park, far away. He was still quite well when I returned home from taekwondo so I took him across the road and released him. Such a fine specimen.

Huntsman spider closeup.

Huntsman spider in coffee jar.

I tried to provide some form of comparison but the size is obscured by glass.

Huntsman spider released.

And to think that we watched Spiderman the movie over the weekend. Coincidence?


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Just reading this makes me getting goose bumps all over, eeeeek!