Sunday, November 08, 2009

Around The House Today

Here's a bit of what went on around the house today. We finished making a bird trap after The Boy read about one, maybe in some survival book for boys, and he badgered me to make it. The whole thing took a couple of weekends to make and only cost about $15. Well, I never profess to having been a wonderful woodworker but it should do the trick. If only we find a bird dumb enough to fall for it.

The Boy plays Enchanted City

The Boy plays Village Dance

The garden out the back is about to explode with life. The missus used a lot compost for the bulbs and look what happens when you have eaten watermelon and a few rockmelon.

A few too many watermelon seeds in the compost, methinks.

Whilst watering the garden out the front tonight I noticed a spider with a strange pattern on the underbelly. Cool, eh?

Spider underbelly.


Anonymous said...

Great job. Just like Daddy he is gifted and talented. (Mommy too) Have a wonderful sunday!!!

David said...

Hey, if it doesn't work as expected, at least the rabbit now has a holiday home. ;)

Anonymous said...

Bunny wabbit left home, loooong ago.

Anonymous said...

Listened to a couple of other kids play these pieces. The Boy's fingering is much better. The Village Damce has a faster tempo, but, he is only learning, and doing extremely well.