Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Samurai Is Mightier Than The Burglar

There was an interesting news article this morning about how a student had disturbed a burglar, told him to leave, and subsequently found himself in need of defending himself which lead to him decapitating the burglar with his samurai sword that he just happened to have handy. I thought this was amusing especially as the article that I read went on to say that the burglar died. No shit, Sherlock! Decapitation is usually fatal. Unless of course you are able to stick the head in milk and race off to your closest surgeon skilled in suturing. Of course he died.

Strangely enough, when I recollected this story to discuss with colleagues after lunch we discovered that the story had changed somewhat. I'm sure that this was the story but it now says that a hand was nearly chopped off leading to death. If you look at the comments somebody else noticed that it had originally mentioned head and not hand.

Fair enough, wouldn't you say? In Australia we have a law that you are allowed to defend yourself but you also can only use reasonable force. If the burglar has a samurai sword then you can defend yourself with a samurai sword. Not a gun, that wouldn't be fair. And all this over two laptops and a Playstation?

Just goes to prove that the samurai (sword) is mightier than the burglar.

* Ed - A reader pointed out that decapitation is only for removal of the head and they are quite correct.


Anonymous said...

Gotta get one soon Hammy. You never know who will break in when you are gone. They might take rabbit and make him into his name. Unless you did already. ha ha ha

Iris Flavia said...

Kopf - Hand.

Mix-up quite impossible, in the German language I´d say.
Bye-bye, I´m off to buy a samurai sword.

No kidding, my Mum sent me to buy two (!) baseball bats for self defense when I was a kid. My parents/now Bro are/is self-employed as Goldsmith & Optometrist.
Luckily those bats were never needed and I suppose they´re gone.

Guess it´s better to tell this story and find them again! For... Köpfe!!! ;-)
No. No ;-) It´s not funny. Funny was just the mixing-up. (Insert smiley now)