Monday, September 28, 2009

Perth Royal Show 2009

Public holiday in Perth for the Queen's Birthday. It's actually celebrating Queen Victoria's, of England, birthday from 1819 I believe. It always makes me laugh that we in Australia get a day off but the people of Britain don't. And the fact that she was born in May, not September.

The Boy and I went to the Perth Royal Show. It was raining before we left but thankfully the rain stayed away. The day was mostly overcast and it was a bit chilly which may account for the small crowds encountered. Easier to get on the expensive rides though. We chose two with the first being the roller coaster that The Boy was too short to on last time and then the Orbitor (but only because he was too short to go on Twin Flip) which was pretty gut-wrenching. He said to me, "I'm gonna be sick afterwards" whilst we were on the ride. Quite enjoyable actually.

First stop was the Defence Forces display where we were able to dry fire a Minimi (mini machine gun), a grenade launcher and a Steyr assault rifle at the army reserve stand. Bloody heavy bits of kit. What should worry everyone out there in other countries' armies is the fact that my little Rambo knew what every weapon was, including the rocket launcher. Then we had a go at a flight simulator at the air force section before climbing into a army truck.

Sideshow alley was a bit of a rip-off and there weren't too many games that we wanted to play. Spent a bit of time looking at the showbags and there weren't too many reasonably priced ones on sale. Ending up buying one for The Boy and he was more than happy. Ate our lunch whilst watching a Charolais competition. Wandered around the pavilions a bit looking at displays. Took in the old machinery and tools. It wasn't a bad day but a bit pricey.

Python Loop ride that we took.

Twin Flip ride that we wanted to take.

Orbitor ride that we took. This was a great ride.

Amazing juggler.

More fantastic juggling.

Perth Royal Show 2009 Photo Album on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

How much royal fun can you possibly have? Cool.

Anonymous said...

P.S. Did'nt a great deal of Australians get thrown in jail for that Queen? A day off is all they get come on?

Iris Flavia said...

Uh-oh... where´s the barf bag? Whoaaaahhh...

Guess you though, enjoyed the ride! :-)

Why not invent more Brirthdays for the Queen? If the date is wrong anyways, is there an argument against that?