Wednesday, September 30, 2009

China Is Only 60 Years Old - Who Are They Kidding?

I think the Chinese history book has been rewritten. Apparently China is celebrating being China for a grand total of 60 years on October 1st 2009. Excuse me? Sixty years old? What happened to the "5,000 years of history" we've all grown up on? Didn't China invent fireworks? Wikipedia says that fireworks were invented by the Chinese in the 12th Century. I have an inkling that the 12th Century was a tad more than 60 years ago.

Wikipedia goes on to say that papermaking was invented in China in the 2nd Century. Last calculation indicates that paper has been around for more than 60 years.

Wikipedia talks about the Four Great Inventions of ancient China. These include the compass from the 4th Century BC, gunpowder from the 9th Century, (aforementioned) papermaking and printing which is known prior to 220 AD (or CE if you wish to be secular about it).

Wikipedia has an article on Ancient China. Yes, I know we Generation Xers think that it's very funny to poke fun at Baby Boombers and the like as being "ancient" but surely 60 years can't be considered as ancient.

Don't let the communists pull the wool over your eyes people. It's just a load of propaganda. China is at least 100 years old. Now that should be considered ancient. Perhaps some of the people involved in writing Japan's history books were involved in the rewriting of China's history or maybe something just got lost in translation.


Iris Flavia said...

Atm I´m reading Wild Swans by Jung Chang. I´m not surprised China is only 60 years old.
Those... they´re really very, very "good" in traumatizing people(s).

Am I happy I was born in good ole Germany, and in West, too. Double-lucky, so to say.

Susan Ham said...

Oooh, I feel SO old. LOL.

Anonymous said...

China wishes it was younger ha ha

Rainer said...

this day is know as 60 years Peoples republic of China. nothing strange to moan about i'd say. Please make a point next time, would you?

Anonymous said...

It had a makeover and a plastic surgery job.

Hammy said...

My point being, Rainer, that they have made such a big song and dance about China coming into existence only 60 years ago when the country has centuries of history. This is communist propaganda and we shouldn't be entertaining the fact. When some one/party in power starts rewriting the history books it is time to look out. Talk about spin doctoring Chinese history.

Anonymous said...

Sock it to him! He needs to read the blog post properly.