Friday, August 07, 2009

Understand, Like?

On the bus yesterday I overheard a girl talking on her mobile phone. I think that everybody did. Not that she was phased mind. One particular part of the conversation was intriguing.
"I don't want to be, like. I don't want to be, like. I don't want to be, like. You know?"

No, I don't but I get the feeling that you already are.

Making a phone call at work today I was placed on hold. They had the radio for their on hold music and, I swear, the words of the song, from Fallout Boy, were, "I don't call what you think....". Hmmm, and I the person I was calling didn't take my call either. Was there a subliminal message there?


Anonymous said...

Yeah that's it!! Ha ha ha but, I don't want to be like you know who ha ha ha Just kidding. You are on hold until I say so.

Iris Flavia said...

Like,... I don´t answer this. But to the HDR-thing you asked for, I do:

Here you find the program (and certainly Wiki is a good source for an overview.

For tone-mapping it´s a good idea to use the fatal filter, apart from that just play around with the options - the program is free, so...